Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, Division of Rural Services and the Arkansas Rural Development Commission is to enhance the quality of life in rural Arkansas.

Vision Statement

We envision an agency with the ability and knowledge to be an effective advocate that is responsive to the needs of rural Arkansas as it relates to economic development, community enhancement, and effective use of available resources. To this extent, we envision an agency that will be able to:

  • Provide supporting information for requests from the governor, legislature and general public;
  • Be a central coordinating agency for rural development;
  • Develop human and other resources to assist rural communities directly; i.e., raise money, plan and help implement projects;
  • Have the financial resources to meet our goals;
  • Be recognized as an advocate to coordinate resources that already exist in rural communities;
  • Establish a center for rural Arkansas -  a non-profit foundation to aid in rural development and revitalization;
  • Be recognized by the very people we helped.